Shipping and handling

Shipping and handling
Unique relies on approved shipping brokers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or on their behalf to carry out their services for delivery to all regions of the Kingdom
Sometimes local agents are authorized to deliver directly in some cities.
How do I track my order?
When the customer completes the order, an email is sent notifying him of the order as well as the shipping broker link dedicated to tracking the orders.
The customer can also contact customer service via the help page, WhatsApp support, or e-mail.
What is the delivery time?
The delivery period varies from city to city, as well as on the shipping conditions and the shipping company, and we pledge to deliver the shipment to the shipping companies in no more than 3 days. It usually takes the period of delivery, sorting and sending shipments through shipping companies from 3 to 7 days inside Saudi Arabia, and it may reach 20 days in the case There is an unusual circumstance.
My order is delayed, what do I do?
You can contact the shipping broker directly using the shipment tracking number to know the details of the shipping process, and you can request assistance from the support services on the site by communicating with them through the contact page.
how much is the shipping cost?
Unique website offers free shipping for orders worth more than 500 riyals. As for products whose value is less than 500 riyals, the shipping can be known value before of the order process, as it is added to the invoice before purchase. The shipping cost depends on the price of the shipping broker.